• A Heartfelt Mission Trip

    I had the opportunity to travel to Haiti on a medical missions trip with a group of awesome doctors, nurses, pastors, and a great group of volunteers.  To arrive and experience the culture of the Haitian people, so poor, yet you see the hope in their faces when they see you have come to help […]

  • The Language of God is Universal

    I first heard God’s call to go on the trip to Haiti when it was announced. At the time I felt like it wasn’t an option. I didn’t think there was any way my parents would agree to let me go. I prayed about it a lot. I was still struggling with whether or not […]

  • A Smile in the Midst of Tragedy

    Honestly, Haiti probably never crossed my mind. At least, not until the earthquake. It was devastating to watch a country already in need be destroyed by such a natural disaster. I believe this is what initially motivated me to do something–the need of a helpless people. But, I must admit that the total opposite happened. […]

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