Haiti Trip Report November 2015

When we met Pastor Eddie in Haiti he told me I was not going to recognize the clinic. Arriving at Ounaminthe, we saw that the clinic had been painted and signs had been added to the exterior. We went inside and it had already been separated into different areas, including a pharmacy, a lab, a recovery room and observation rooms. I looked at my brother, Dr. Lonnie Stanton, and he was weeping. I know what he was feeling in his heart: after all this time now we were seeing what the Lord had done. It was a humbling experience. We understand nothing is impossible with the Lord. The team worked hard to set up all the equipment that was in the shipment, such as the anesthesia machine and the headlights for the OR. After completing the setup we were able to start surgeries. We were so blessed to see what was going on in Haiti. Once again the Lord showed us His covering over us. One thing I always like to remember is that the Lord wants us to focus on the little things.

One of the cases that touched us the most was our dear friend in Haiti with Neurofibromatosis who has already been through several surgeries with us. He presented with a bad tumor on his right arm. After evaluating it, we determined it was better for this patient if we amputated his right upper extremity, since it was not functional and the tumor was growing at a very quick pace. This was the high point of the mission trip as we saw the Lord work through this man and all those involved in the surgery. I have no words to explain what happened. When he woke up from the procedure he was talking, and the translators said they did not recognize all of the words, but the ones they did were the patient praising the Lord for what He had done for him. We were touched by all 30 cases we were able to perform, and were so thankful for all those involved in this trip. I have always said that we go on these trips to bless the people, but we end up being abundantly blessed ourselves.

We welcome anyone who would like to go with us to see or work in the clinic in Haiti.

Dr. Juan Padilla HIMM Founder